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Digital Signage

Connecting with customers is easy with Trucell’s Digital Signage Solution.

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By placing displays in key areas where customers frequent, businesses can provide engaging and compelling messages to customers with our Digital Signage Solution. Our high definition clear, slim, energy-efficient displays, as well as our easy to use web-based control software, make it easy for businesses to get there message across to there customers.

Key Features

Offering businesses an easy to use, engaging way to interact with customers.

Wide range of supported media.

Design your screen with Videos, Images, RSS, Text, Clocks, Tabular data and much more…

Unlimited screen designs.

Make your signage truly dynamic! Create as many Layouts as you need, each with their own regions for content.


Schedule your completed Layouts to Displays or groups of Displays. Schedule Campaigns of Layouts. We put you in control.

Web based management.

Easy to use web based control panel.

Convert Existing TV’s.

Our media players work with any TV or Display Featuring HDMI..

Team of Designers.

We can manage your campaigns, design content for your displays.

Professional Installers.

Use our Electricians and AV technicians to install your displays.

Service and Support.

We will maintain, monitor and support your displays.

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