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Are your online business listings complete or listed?

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Have you considered that your businesses online presence is not limited to its website?

Google Maps Local Search ResultsLocal business listings are made up of demographical information that is categorised and searchable via geo-graphical requirements, e.g. Google: “Where is the nearest coffee shop.” or Google: “Where is the nearest Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center.” Please take a moment to test this against your own organisation in a category that you think its currently listed under, you might be surprised!

There are several service providers for Local Business Listings in Australia, each service provider offers tools and dashboards to manage and update your business listings. Each provider offers its own local listing database, to ensure your listing is displayed you must update your listings across all providers. Several providers make there local listing databases available to third parties such as TomTom and Apple Maps, all of which provides additional exposure to your organisation.

Does your organisation have multiple offices or shops? Foursquare is the first local business listings provider to offer chain linking of organisations, this is unique as it now presents users with destinations that they mightn’t have been aware of. Additionally Google may take this information into consideration when presenting your listings on Google!

Are all your business listings categorised correctly? Unfortunately because each business listings provider has there own database mapping method linking listings to categories is slightly different for each database. There are tools to map categories together to ensure consistent listings, below is an example of several variations of “Coffee Shop”.

Engine Engine Mapping
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MRI Scanners Australia

Are you thinking about opening a Radiology Practice in Australia?

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Google Maps MRI ScannersMaybe Trucell can help you decided on the most appropriate location to open a Radiology Practice

We have taken a list of registered Radiology Practices with MRI magnets and plotted them across Google Maps API; we have included the name of the practice and if the practice is funded and non-funded with Medicare for MRI exams.

We hope that this information will help you to place scanners in more relevant areas and provide greater access to diagnostic services across Australia.

Access our Google Maps Tool >

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