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Trucell has upgraded its Remote Assistance to ScreenConnect

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Trucell has implemented ScreenConnect across our Managed IT Service offering. ScreenConnect is fast, reliable and a secure remote support/access and meeting solution. Trucell’s uses ScreenConnect to repair computers, provide updates, and manage remote and local machines. We also take advantage of Screen Connects ability to conduct online seminars, presentations and finally remote meetings.

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Support Desktops and Mobile Devices

Microsoft Windows

Windows is the most widely used operating system among consumers and businesses. ScreenConnect provides a diverse feature set that makes its compatibility with Windows one the best in the industry.

Apple OS X

With a loyal following of customers from around the world, Apple’s OS X is one of the fastest-growing operating systems. ScreenConnect provides a comprehensive feature set supporting Mac OS for both technicians and client machines.

Linux / Unix

Linux is arguably the most popular server operating system and is growing every year. We love the penguin; from the start, ScreenConnect has supported Linux. We have added features with each release to further extend our support.

Mobile Devices

ScreenConnect supports the use of all iOS devices by technicians to host a session and connect to Windows, Mac or Linux machines. ScreenConnect provides full remote support for Android tablets and phones manufactured by Samsung. Technicians can view and control the device screen, chat with the customer, and access system information.