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Medavis DICOM Importer

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Last year Disk Publishers were prevalent throughout radiology practices as an easy way to distribute patient studies to referrers. Today Disk Publishers are still an easy way to distribute studies, and we even sell them as our prefered solution for study delivery.
We think there will always be a place for disk publishers as referrers do not always have access to internet services, especially services with zero restrictions as seen in hospitals.

MedavisWhat we love about Medavis DICOM Importer is the fact that its a reliable and easy way to import studies into PACS from various media types. Not to mention the product is free with zero adverts! So install it on every radiographer/sonographer terminal so they can easily import studies at convenient locations in the practice.

The next time you receive a disk from a patient with prior studies, why not import it into PACS so the radiologist can review them. Also, show to your referrers that you have a comprehensive collection of the patient’s studies.

Give this open source free application a whirl:

MRI Scanners Australia

Are you thinking about opening a Radiology Practice in Australia?

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Google Maps MRI ScannersMaybe Trucell can help you decided on the most appropriate location to open a Radiology Practice

We have taken a list of registered Radiology Practices with MRI magnets and plotted them across Google Maps API; we have included the name of the practice and if the practice is funded and non-funded with Medicare for MRI exams.

We hope that this information will help you to place scanners in more relevant areas and provide greater access to diagnostic services across Australia.

Access our Google Maps Tool >

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