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September 2020

Grand Opening of Butler Medical Imaging Western Australia

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Western Australia welcomes Trucell, our first Radiology site in WA. After months of dealing with contractors, internet service providers and modality vendors we are finally in Western Australia setting up the network and computers to talk to the RIS and PACS located in Sydney NSW.

We were tourist at heart driving a lap around the city before heading to site to get the work done.

We arrived and jump straight into the task of installing the equipment and ultimately making a rubbish pile of HP equipment.

The new HP all in ones maximised the available space in reception. The HP enterprise laser printer centralised printing in reception.

Grand opening of Harris Park Radiology NSW

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The owners tell me that it’s been almost a year of negotiating with the Parramatta Council to get the necessary changes to the historic building. We have been helping for half of that time.

Site IT features:

  • 1000/1000 Fibre
  • Fortinet FortiGate 100F with UTM Threat Protection
  • Fortinet FortiSwitch configured and managed by the FortiGate.
  • Latest Model HP 600 series all in ones
  • Latest Model HP Z1
  • HP Enterprise LaserJet Printer
  • Fonality Phone System with Cloud Backup
  • Kestral Karisma K4
  • Intelerad PACS