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April 2015

Microsoft EOS

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Support (EOS) is almost here!

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Has it been a decade since the release of Microsoft Windows Server 2003?

The time for a server upgrade to improve efficiency, availability, and scale-ability has come!

As of July 14, 2015, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any version of Windows Server 2003.

What does end of support for Windows Server 2003 mean to your organisation?

  • No updates – which includes critical updates which totaled 37 in 2013. With out valuable security updates your servers and data are at risk.
  • No compliance – lack of compliance with various standards and regulations.
  • No application support – support is ceased for many applications once the operating system is unsupported.

All installations will be required to migrate to Microsoft’s latest server operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 to maintain access to security updates and support from Microsoft and to continue to benefit from Microsoft’s continual advancements in security and performance.

We are in the closing mouths for organisations running legacy WS2003 to implement an upgrade plan, this is a exciting opportunity for us to help our customers increase efficiency, availability, and scale-ability of their infrastructure by migrating there legacy servers to newer platforms such as Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure and or Office 365.

In the coming week we will be reaching out to our clients with known installations of Server 2003 to finalise strategies on how to manage the pending EOS.

Wireless Deployment Planning and Optimisation

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The biggest problem businesses face with their wireless LAN deployments is the inadequate wireless deployment planning which ultimately results in coverage issues, unnecessary coverage, and ultimately poor business application performance. We have found that more often than not this issue comes back to poor or in-adequate pre-deployment planning of the wireless network. Using a wireless planning utility such as Fortinet’s Fortiplanner Trucell is able to ensure a successful Wifi deployment. We can import a floor-plan of your environment, draw in the obstructions, select the type of Access Point and automatically calculate the number and placement of the Access Points. The tool utilises a sophisticated signal propagation ray tracing algorithms to estimate signal loss and bounce based on objects that can cause Radio Frequency interference, such interference caused by walls, windows, elevators shafts and glass. Additionally application scenarios such as VoIP, high priority data or normal can ensure adequate wireless LAN coverage for your specific requirements.

Post Deployment Site Survey

wireless site surveyNo single wireless environment is perfect and event he next wireless network pre-deployment plans require post-deployment adjustments. Our Site Survey Analysis uses the Wireless LAN adapter to detect signal level from your deployed Access Points, allowing us to confirm the wireless LAN coverage based on actual real-world analysis. Our engineers will walk around the environment to take readings, we can combined these measurements to report coverage holes that may been to be fixed. Resolving post-deployment issues with a site survey will reduce the headaches and time-consuming troubleshooting once your business users begin log gin on to the new wireless LAN.

Real-time Coverage Heat-Map and Performance Visualisation

Devices specifically mobile devices by nature move around your organisation throughout the day. As a result, deep visibility into the wireless network is essential to uncover coverage holes and areas of congestion. We are able to connect directly to any number of Access Points and provide real-time visualisation of wireless coverage, connected clients and failed Access Points, simplifying troubleshooting and reducing help desk tickets.

MRI Scanners Australia

Are you thinking about opening a Radiology Practice in Australia?

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Google Maps MRI ScannersMaybe Trucell can help you decided on the most appropriate location to open a Radiology Practice

We have taken a list of registered Radiology Practices with MRI magnets and plotted them across Google Maps API; we have included the name of the practice and if the practice is funded and non-funded with Medicare for MRI exams.

We hope that this information will help you to place scanners in more relevant areas and provide greater access to diagnostic services across Australia.

Access our Google Maps Tool >

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