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July 2014

Intelerad Pulse Hardware Monitoring

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PACS DiagramMonitor more than just the health of your software. Take advantage of HP’s and Dell vendor specific SNMP utilities, provide deeper monitoring of your PACS infrastructure.

At the core of every radiology practice there is a PACS providing short and long term image storage. The nature of todays PACS is that it relies on various components both software and hardware and often these components such as databases and image storage volumes are distributed and replicated across multiple pieces of hardware and even across multiple geographical locations. Detecting documenting and managing problems with such a sparse environment becomes very time consuming.

KERMIT Keeping Everything Maintained In Time

At Trucell we take a proactive approach not reactive to your infrastructures hardware and software, inclusive of vendor specific monitoring. Using our proactive maintenance and monitoring tool KERMIT we are able to collect key and specific details about each part of your infrastructure both hardware and software and not limited to just the PACS environment.

Using the collected data we are able to compare and review not only one piece of hardware but many, factoring into account the dependancies of each piece. From CPU Temps to the disconnection or failure of a system fan, or the amount of available memory we are able to determine a failure condition, document and notify the appropriate channel of support before it becomes a timely issue to resolve or even before the end user notices the failure condition.

Intelerad Pulse

Currently Intelerad PACS provides a proactive monitoring approach to software issues confined within its own set of software features and services, known as Intelerad Pulse. To ensure that both hardware and software concerns within your PACS environment are monitored Intelerad has made SNMP available.


The “Simple Network Management Protocol” is abbreviated as SNMP, it is a collection of resources and tools devoted to the system of network management. Both HP and Dell recognise and provide an SNMP tool kit for all of there hardware platforms which extends Intelerad’s Pulse monitoring platform.

We pre-install the vendor specific SNMP agents provided by both HP and Dell prior to Intelerad’s software installation, alternatively Intelerad provides a service to install the vendor specific SNMP agent which can be accessed via there knowledge base and the request form can be found here.

Using KERMIT we are able to proactively poll/monitor and collect the SNMP agents data on your PACS in real time, once collected KERMIT is able to act on the SNMP conditions and if certain conditions are met act on repairing the issue.

Start monitoring both hardware and software today, don’t rely on vendor specific monitoring limited to vendor software and services. Start utilising HP and Dell featured SNMP utilities to provide deeper monitoring of your PACS infrastructure.

Contact us today to find out more.