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Inteleviewer Installation Step 1

How to install Intelerad Medical Systems Inteleviewer

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As one of the lead medical imaging software packages in the Australian radiology space, we are always getting asked by clients to provide installation instructions or a user guide on how to perform the installation of Intelerad Medical Systems Interviewer. It is a fairly straightforward installation and to begin with, it is important that you have administrative access to the PC or Apple computer you wish to install the software on. A username and password for an account that has access to an Intelerad server, and finally 10 minutes to perform the installation.

  1. Browse to the clients Intelerad Server Internal or External Address (Example )via your web browser
    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
    2. Microsoft Edge
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. Apple Safari
    5. Google Chrome
    6. Any other internet browser
  2. Based on the operating system and architecture of your operating system, you will need to select which installer to download In this example, I am running Windows 10 64-bit edition and will need to select the 64-bit Windows installer and click Download InteleViewer under that menu (example below).
  3. Wait patiently as InteleViewer downloads
  4. Once loading is complete, please go to the folder where it downloaded (generally it’s in your Downloads folder) and run the installer as an administrator (if possible). Hint: You can access this via the Quick access menu in your file explorer window on Windows 8/10.
  5. Double click the file you downloaded and it will open.
  6. If you are prompted to allow the application to run, please click Yes
  7. Please wait while the installer initialises
  8. InteleViewer’s license and terms +conditions of use will open. In order to proceed with the installation please select “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” and then click the Next button.
  9. You will also need to agree to Oracle’s Java licensing. In order to proceed with the installation please select “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” and then click the Next button.
  10. The installation will ask where you would like to install InteleViewer, in this example we will leave the installation folder as default. It is only in rare cases where you may be required to install it to another folder. Please click the Next button to proceed.
  11. The next window will ask if you want all users to be able to upgrade InteleViewer. This is solely up to the end-user. In this example we will allow all users, as this guide is installing the stable track which means the upgrade process will only install the latest stable version. Please click Next.
  12. Please leave this disabled as this is not required, please click next
  13. Please wait patiently as InteleViewer installs.
  14. Once the installation has completed the installation window will disappear.
  15. The InteleViewer installation will create the following shortcuts:
    1. Desktop
    2. Start Menu
  16. Please click or double click one of the shortcuts above to open InteleViewer.
  17. When you open InteleViewer for the first time, a prompt will appear asking which server you want to connect to. Please click the button Enter a New Server.
  18. The new bookmark window will open.
  19. Please type the complete URL on the next line in the Server URL text box and click the OK button: example (NOTE: Don’t include the https:// as it will not work, check it is correct by pinging it first.)
  20. Once the address is verified, the bookmark will display in the InteleViewer window. Please note: The bookmark will not be able to be added without internet access.
Fuji Xerox default admin passwords

Fuji Xerox Photocopier Default Admin Passwords

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Moving your photocopier to a new network, changing the scanning destinations or simply want to manage the printer. Use the admin account on the photocopier to control the settings of the system.

ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
Xerox DocuCentre 425adminadmin
Xerox DocuCentre-IV C337311111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM205 b11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM205 fw11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM405 df11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint M205b11111x-admin
Xerox DocuPrint C3290 FS11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM505 da11111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 425011111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 523011111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 567511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 712011111x-admin
Xerox WorkCentre 7132adminadmin
Xerox Workcentre 724511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 732811111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 733511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 734511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 734611111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 742511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 753011111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 766511111x-admin

If you notice any errors, please comment on this post and we will update the details.

Office 365 Hybrid User Management with on premises Active Directory Domain

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Syncing local users with the cloud has never been simpler, Synchronization Service Manager and Active Directory sync make the process easy.

The first step is the create a local user in Active Directory. Open Active Directory Users and Computers

Step 1

Put as much details into the New User creation form. It is also very important that you make zero mistakes with spelling as the Full Name gets synced to the cloud.

We also find it easier if users login to computers locally with there email addresses, next to the User logon name change the logon domain, in this example a user would login with

step 3

Specify the users password and check the box, password never expires. Password expiry is typically important for all clients however this particlar client does not want to enforce password expiry.

step 4

User creation summary. Press Finish.

step 5

Now we need to create the attributes for the Office 365 account. Locate the user in Active Directory Users and Groups, right click the user and select properties. Go to the Attribute Editor tab and locate proxyAddresses, press Edit

step 7

The Multi-valued String Editor will appear. This is the ALIAS of the mailbox. There are two types of ALIAS, the primary and secondary. The primary is the alias used for all outbound mail additionally this will allow you to recieve mail from the aliases.

step 8

Time to sync the account to the cloud. Open Syncronization Service Manager. There are two connectors defined. One connector pushes changes and the other pulls changes.

ad sync

To sync, right click on one connector and press run. The Run Connector window will appear, select the Full Synchronization profile to run.


step 10

Select the second connector and right click, press run.

step 9

Run connector will appear, run the full sync.step 12

Open the partner center , go to Customers and select the customer.


Under the customer, go to Service management and click Office 365.

Office 365 service management

Microsoft 365 Admin Center, AAD Connect Status shows the sync status of Active Directory. Click Users -> Active users

microsoft 365 admin center

Locate the user.

microsoft 365 admin center active users

Assign a License to the user by pressing Edit on Product licenses.

microsoft 365 admin center active users

Product licenses summary, press close.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center Product Licenses

You have now successfully created a local user which can sign into a computer on the domain. Additionally we have sync the user to Office 365 and licensed it with an available license.

Please contact the user and provide them with there user details.

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  • Add User to Security Groups for File System Access
Customer Self Help

Introducing our new Customer Self Help Portal

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Customer Self Help

Get connected with ease with Trucell’s new Customer Self Help Portal.

As a Trucell partner, you will be able to receive answers to frequently asked questions, submit support issues, track support issues submitted by staff in your organisation and query our knowledge base.

Open a new Case

Open New Case

Quickly open a new case, configure the importance of the case and what it relates to and once created the system will assign the case to trained consultants who will provide an action plan and execute the repair

Track Case Progress

Sometimes issues cannot be resolved in one phone call or a single email. With the new Customer Portal not only can you submit your requests but also view all the steps our team has performed with your request. Additionally, if you are the primary contact for your company, you will see all the company tickets in our system.

Track Ticket Status
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains numerous support references, created by our support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information.

To get a login to our new portal

Please register for an account by clicking here >.

Alternatives methods to get support!

Self Help Portal

Self Help Portal

Click Here >

Email Support

Email Support

Phone Support

Phone Support

Phone 1800 316 529

Chat Support

Chat Support


Proactive Remote Monitoring and Management also known as RMM Software

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What Is RMM?

RMM, or Remote Management and Monitoring is a network monitoring system that enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to use a central console in order to monitor and manage networks, mobile devices, computers and endpoints. Regardless of the location – the administrator can have access to each device on the network with the help of a RMM Software.

How Can You Benefit From RMM?

Using RMM Software can be immensely conducive to your company. IT companies today don’t just happen to be local businesses – and this is specifically the case with Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The administrator is hence responsible for not just one location but multiple locations spanning different cities, states and regions. Managing and monitoring these different endpoints can hence become impossible. With the help of RMM software, however, this problem can be averted as you can gain a host of other benefits too. In this article, we break down the most important ways you can benefit from Trucell and our RMM Software.

Limiting User Access

A well designed RMM Software can help strategically determine which user gets access to what part of your system. This means that sensitive information and applicants will need special permission in order to be accessed. If you’re looking to customize which users get access to sensitive information, the administrator has the right to set parameters however they deem fit. This can be extremely useful a feature as it prevents intrusion into any valuable information.

Reducing Travel Expenses

In case a problem arises with your system and you’re immediately in need of technical assistance, your technician does not need you to evaluate the system for them or be there physically. This is because the technician can easily monitor the activity from a remote location, eliminating the need for them to travel to you. This way, you get to save significantly on airfare and travelling expenses, and your IT staff can easily stay in touch with you remotely, maintain your system and monitor it lest a technical problem arises. A win-win for both parties!

Device Location Doesn’t Matter

RMM software enables you to view each machine on the network and allow you to be fully aware of what’s going on at all times. This involves all devices within the office: the access points, laptop computers and desktops. As you install agent software on all devices, they can be closely monitored regardless of their location – or yours!

MSP Location

MSO Businesses require having to manage devices and networks 24/7. Suppose an issue arises on a weekend, or late at night – the administrator is not necessarily going to be available. With RMM software, they don’t need to be physically available at all times. This is because they will be alerted constantly through email about everything important going on. So long as there is internet access, even if the administrator is a thousand miles away, they can manage monitoring and management easily without disturbing business processions in any way.

Managed Print Services Puts The Missing Details On Printing

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The Challenge

Leading the construction industry as a ‘one stop shop’ for construction services and all things trade. Every Trade Building Services (ETBS) is a provider of quality assured services to all sectors including government bodies.

With an extensive team of estimators and project managers continually referring to plans and other design files such as highly detailed renders and CAD files it was clear that their current printing technology was inadequate and inaccurate. The company needed a solution to accelerate there project management times as well as provide accurate and detailed plans for onsite aspects while reducing costs and wait times.

The company engaged Trucell’s Managed Print Services™ as a consulting partner to help evaluate and procure a Managed Print Service.

Our Approach

We conducted a detailed requirement analysis and further vendor specification and costs of ownership analyses.

Our extensive knowledge of Managed Print Services and our close working relationships with all the major vendors gave us the ability to present an optimised print offering that addresses all the requirements of the customer and ensures run-ability for the next five years.

Service Level Agreements and what you’re covered for!

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Rest easy know that when you have a Service Level Agreement also known as SLA you’re going to get an agreed service at an agreed level in an agreement that defines exactly what is covered and what isnt.

With the large number of businesses we meet it is surprising how many of them do not ask for a commitment from there software and hardware providers. Additionally we often find that the software and hardware service providers do not offer a guarantee or have an SLA document that we can review for our clients.

We have also come to believe that many businesses don’t ask for an agreement nor do they make it a requirement when making a purchasing decision. If you haven’t thought about this then it will cost you. I have thought I would never use the service of DUI Attorney Cherokee County, but there is always a first time. The same is with business agreement, you never know when you need it.

What insurances do you have? Without an SLA from all hardware and software vendors certain business insurances won’t cover you! In the last six months two insurance companies have audited two of our partners managed under our Proactive Service and Support solution. Both clients found themselves having to negotiate SLA’s with there software vendors as they historically didn’t get a commitment from them even though we ask for there SLA’s. Because they were already paying for Maintenace it was clear there SLA deals were not as good as they could have been.

SLA’s will save you money! Often we find businesses paying for double the coverage as both vendors provide the same service however they haven’t defined it in writing so in the event of a failure neither knows what is what so instead of worrying about who is responsible they simply charge for the service anyway.

SLA’s will make you money! In the event a service level is not met an agreement with a provider will define what is calculated as compensation. The most common example of this can be seen with Internet Service Providers. Often when a client goes down for more than 30 minutes we make it a task to get compensation in the form of credit on the next internet bill. Often the amount can be the total month bill!

Migrating to high-speed fibre internet is worth the money!

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I can’t remember the number of times new clients mention the contentious topic of how slow their internet is at there office. Or the reliability issues they have come to accept with the over utilised connect, I often get asked “how many dropouts is usual.”

Clients often don’t realise how many services they have on their network and how many they are consuming over the internet. As a result the more services the of a role it has on the total available capacity of the internet service.

Not to mention the number of staff utilising the service and the additional burden each staff member places on the available capacity.

As businesses transition more and more services to cloud platforms that offer greater redundancies and scalability and let’s not forget the reduced capital cost, businesses reliance on their internet connection for reliability and capacity increases.

Today we installed three separate fibre services replacing two Ethernet over copper services also known as EFM and an ADSL service. Thanks to our 24×7 Proactive Monitoring we were able to determine and provide evidence to the clients that all three services were operating at 100% capacity during peak customer interaction times! As a result of the high internet usage and lack of available bandwidth our clients, first, instinct was in employ more costly workers. Whereas the underlining issue was the current workers couldn’t serve as many people as they wanted to as they were constantly waiting for data input to save in there software.

If you think your software is slowing you down or you just want to know how your service is performing contact us for a consultation. We have the expertise and tools!