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Lucky Door Prize Mikrotick Router

Trucell won the lucky door prize

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Lucky Door Prize Mikrotick RouterBig thank you to the team at the Internet Association of Australia and for awarding us the lucky door prize of a MicroTik hAP at the last meeting, on how to Build an ISP on a Budget. We look forward to messing around with the hAP!

Trucell joined the association to build a better understanding of all things internet, as well as gain access to industry knowledge and advice. The Associations regular monthly meetings and physical meetings offer a wealth of knowledge along with industry contacts that could help us on future projects. We look forward to the next meeting!

Meeting Matthew from X Integration and his presentation on building a budget ISP has inspired us to get the ball rolling on our own ISP. With the Carrier registration of our new business Ripple Networks, our new ISP is ready to start provisioning internet connections.

Grand Opening of Butler Medical Imaging Western Australia

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Western Australia welcomes Trucell, our first Radiology site in WA. After months of dealing with contractors, internet service providers and modality vendors we are finally in Western Australia setting up the network and computers to talk to the RIS and PACS located in Sydney NSW.

We were tourist at heart driving a lap around the city before heading to site to get the work done.

We arrived and jump straight into the task of installing the equipment and ultimately making a rubbish pile of HP equipment.

The new HP all in ones maximised the available space in reception. The HP enterprise laser printer centralised printing in reception.

Grand opening of Harris Park Radiology NSW

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The owners tell me that it’s been almost a year of negotiating with the Parramatta Council to get the necessary changes to the historic building. We have been helping for half of that time.

Site IT features:

  • 1000/1000 Fibre
  • Fortinet FortiGate 100F with UTM Threat Protection
  • Fortinet FortiSwitch configured and managed by the FortiGate.
  • Latest Model HP 600 series all in ones
  • Latest Model HP Z1
  • HP Enterprise LaserJet Printer
  • Fonality Phone System with Cloud Backup
  • Kestral Karisma K4
  • Intelerad PACS
christmas tree

2019 Trucell Christmas Message

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We want to thank you for your continued support, and as your trusted IT, service provider, we value your business. We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year not to mention a prosperous 2020!

We are overwhelmed by the support and loyalty of our clients; you have enabled us to achieve some outstanding results in 2019. I also have to thank you for been patient while we are training our new engineers.

Some of our achievements that come to mind:

  • Jason (Director of Trucell) had his first son.
  • We became an HP and HPE Gold Partner
  • Awarded Vocus Platinum Partner of the Year
  • NBN ICT Accredited Partner
  • Opened – one of Australia largest PC, Server and Business technology providers selling direct to businesses.
  • We have employed four new IT engineers and one full-time programmer.
  • Provided proactive managed IT services to client sites in almost every state of Australia as well as Fiji, Thailand and South America.
  • One of our engineers completed his Microsoft MCSA Certification
  • Two Engineers completed CompTIA Certifications
  • And finally, we have almost run out of space in our Parramatta office.

Well, with many more milestones to come, we all must have a break. Trucell will be closed from 24 Dec to 7 Jan 2020 however after-hours service will continue as usual and business hours service will be reduced.

To get support during this period, please email where a ticket will be created, and your issue will be actioned.

If you have any concerns related to the closing times or want to have a chat, please call your account manager who is always available for questions.

From the team at Trucell,
We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Lead Engineer Jason Replacing Motherboard

Timing is everything, SLA’s give us piece of mind

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When a server fails, it usually happens at the worst possible time, whats your IT Service providers commitment to your business? Do you have a Service Level Agreement to protect your business?

All major server manufacturers distributed by us come standard with an on-site manufacturers warranty and Service Level Agreement that covers the server for hardware support and hardware replacement, the average period of coverage is three years from the date of invoice. We can tailor the manufacturers support to meet your businesses requirements to give you peace of mind.

Lead Engineer Jason Replacing MotherboardIf you’re a Radiology Practice with an Intelerad MST1 server running on HP DL380 G10 server which becomes unresponsive at 4.50 pm, what do you do? Once we were on top of the issue and had determined that a new motherboard was required we had exhausted the remaining 10 minutes; it was now past 5 pm which is the cut off for Next Business Day support.

Any server is challenging to lose access too but to have an entire day without it and no possibility of fixing it you want to do everything in your power to keep the client going and restore redundancies in their infrastructure.

So after a couple of minutes of talking to different support engineers at HP, we were able to get the replacement motherboard part sent out without a Tech. As a result, we were able to apply the fix, which has meant that we have a chance of sorting out the server the next day.

After a couple of screws and bolts removed we were able to get the new motherboard installed. It solved part of the issue, but we later determined that a new array controller and the drive was required to get the server back to 100%.

In summary, Trucell’s Proactive IT Support coupled with manufacturer training and Trucell’s HP Gold Partnership gave us the support to get this server operational again and reduce the disruption to the clients business.

Inteleviewer Installation Step 1

How to install Intelerad Medical Systems Inteleviewer

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As one of the lead medical imaging software packages in the Australian radiology space, we are always getting asked by clients to provide installation instructions or a user guide on how to perform the installation of Intelerad Medical Systems Interviewer. It is a fairly straightforward installation and to begin with, it is important that you have administrative access to the PC or Apple computer you wish to install the software on. A username and password for an account that has access to an Intelerad server, and finally 10 minutes to perform the installation.

  1. Browse to the clients Intelerad Server Internal or External Address (Example )via your web browser
    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
    2. Microsoft Edge
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. Apple Safari
    5. Google Chrome
    6. Any other internet browser
  2. Based on the operating system and architecture of your operating system, you will need to select which installer to download In this example, I am running Windows 10 64-bit edition and will need to select the 64-bit Windows installer and click Download InteleViewer under that menu (example below).
  3. Wait patiently as InteleViewer downloads
  4. Once loading is complete, please go to the folder where it downloaded (generally it’s in your Downloads folder) and run the installer as an administrator (if possible). Hint: You can access this via the Quick access menu in your file explorer window on Windows 8/10.
  5. Double click the file you downloaded and it will open.
  6. If you are prompted to allow the application to run, please click Yes
  7. Please wait while the installer initialises
  8. InteleViewer’s license and terms +conditions of use will open. In order to proceed with the installation please select “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” and then click the Next button.
  9. You will also need to agree to Oracle’s Java licensing. In order to proceed with the installation please select “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” and then click the Next button.
  10. The installation will ask where you would like to install InteleViewer, in this example we will leave the installation folder as default. It is only in rare cases where you may be required to install it to another folder. Please click the Next button to proceed.
  11. The next window will ask if you want all users to be able to upgrade InteleViewer. This is solely up to the end-user. In this example we will allow all users, as this guide is installing the stable track which means the upgrade process will only install the latest stable version. Please click Next.
  12. Please leave this disabled as this is not required, please click next
  13. Please wait patiently as InteleViewer installs.
  14. Once the installation has completed the installation window will disappear.
  15. The InteleViewer installation will create the following shortcuts:
    1. Desktop
    2. Start Menu
  16. Please click or double click one of the shortcuts above to open InteleViewer.
  17. When you open InteleViewer for the first time, a prompt will appear asking which server you want to connect to. Please click the button Enter a New Server.
  18. The new bookmark window will open.
  19. Please type the complete URL on the next line in the Server URL text box and click the OK button: example (NOTE: Don’t include the https:// as it will not work, check it is correct by pinging it first.)
  20. Once the address is verified, the bookmark will display in the InteleViewer window. Please note: The bookmark will not be able to be added without internet access.
Fuji Xerox default admin passwords

Fuji Xerox Photocopier Default Admin Passwords

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Unlock your Fuji Xerox Photocopier!

The global default Fuji Xerox Password for admin access uses username11111 and the default password is x-admin

Moving your photocopier to a new network, changing the scanning destinations or simply want to manage the printer. Use the admin account on the photocopier to control the settings of the system.

ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
Xerox DocuCentre 425adminadmin
Xerox DocuCentre-IV C337311111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM205 b11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM205 fw11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM405 df11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint M205b11111x-admin
Xerox DocuPrint C3290 FS11111x-admin
Xerox Docuprint CM505 da11111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 425011111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 523011111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 567511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 712011111x-admin
Xerox WorkCentre 7132adminadmin
Xerox Workcentre 724511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 732811111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 733511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 734511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 734611111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 742511111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 753011111x-admin
Xerox Workcentre 766511111x-admin

If you notice any errors, please comment on this post and we will update the details.

Office 365 Hybrid User Management with on premises Active Directory Domain

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Syncing local users with the cloud has never been simpler, Synchronization Service Manager and Active Directory sync make the process easy.

The first step is the create a local user in Active Directory. Open Active Directory Users and Computers

Step 1

Put as much details into the New User creation form. It is also very important that you make zero mistakes with spelling as the Full Name gets synced to the cloud.

We also find it easier if users login to computers locally with there email addresses, next to the User logon name change the logon domain, in this example a user would login with

step 3

Specify the users password and check the box, password never expires. Password expiry is typically important for all clients however this particlar client does not want to enforce password expiry.

step 4

User creation summary. Press Finish.

step 5

Now we need to create the attributes for the Office 365 account. Locate the user in Active Directory Users and Groups, right click the user and select properties. Go to the Attribute Editor tab and locate proxyAddresses, press Edit

step 7

The Multi-valued String Editor will appear. This is the ALIAS of the mailbox. There are two types of ALIAS, the primary and secondary. The primary is the alias used for all outbound mail additionally this will allow you to recieve mail from the aliases.

step 8

Time to sync the account to the cloud. Open Syncronization Service Manager. There are two connectors defined. One connector pushes changes and the other pulls changes.

ad sync

To sync, right click on one connector and press run. The Run Connector window will appear, select the Full Synchronization profile to run.


step 10

Select the second connector and right click, press run.

step 9

Run connector will appear, run the full sync.step 12

Open the partner center , go to Customers and select the customer.


Under the customer, go to Service management and click Office 365.

Office 365 service management

Microsoft 365 Admin Center, AAD Connect Status shows the sync status of Active Directory. Click Users -> Active users

microsoft 365 admin center

Locate the user.

microsoft 365 admin center active users

Assign a License to the user by pressing Edit on Product licenses.

microsoft 365 admin center active users

Product licenses summary, press close.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center Product Licenses

You have now successfully created a local user which can sign into a computer on the domain. Additionally we have sync the user to Office 365 and licensed it with an available license.

Please contact the user and provide them with there user details.

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