Print Patient Studies(Film) to Paper

Convert any Microsoft Windows based printer into a DICOM Compliant Film Printer. Film patients to paper instead of costly film.

Transform a PC with a Windows Printer

Neologica DICOMJet is a software solution allowing you to turn any Windows-based Personal Computer with a connected printer into a DICOM Print Server.

Exploit Common Hardware

DICOMJet allows obtaining a low-cost DICOM printing solution exploiting common hardware devices such as a Personal Computer and Windows-compatible printer. In particular, today’s ink-jet, laser or solid-ink printers offer interesting possibilities.

Grows with your printing needs

Multiple Jobs and Multiple printers all at once. DICOMJet is able to handle several printers for each PC, both local and remote.

Various Configuration Possibilities

Take the complexities out of Multi-site and Multi-printer installation with easy to use workflow rules.

Server Class Application

Run DICOMJet as a User Application or Service Application enabling a completely unattended operational mode.

Fuji Xerox

As an optional software module, many DICOMJet features are available directly on the touch screen EIP-capable Xerox devices. In addition, some exclusive image acquisition and DICOMization features are included with the DICOMJet EIP application.

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