Lots of businesses and people are moving their information to the cloud. On a mass scale we are shifting equipment and software to the cloud to avoid capital costs for a robust leasing model. Forget about constantly investing in new technology to cope with your growing business or worrying about the influx of new staff.

Reduce support costs and increase manageability

Cloud solutions that move capital cost to affordable costs that scale with you

Trucell are your single responsibility for support

Fully owned and managed Perth and Sydney based cloud hosting

Trucell’s Sydney & Perth based cloud computing space offers everything from data storage, email, servers, software, and even phones. We offer constant maintenance, secure backup and we take 100% responsibility for ensuring uptime and reliability.

Should you move to the cloud?

We provide a

Complete Cloud Hosted Environment

Catalina No BackIT’S ALL ON US.

Trucell is your one stop shop for your entire business ICT. We can deal with your internet providers, software vendors and other providers. With our dedicated three-person team for support, we will take care of your IT infrastructure so you can relax and transfer all the businesses IT responsibilities to us.