Lots of businesses and people are moving their information to the cloud. On a mass scale, we are shifting equipment and software to the cloud to avoid capital costs for a robust leasing model. Forget about constantly investing in new technology to cope with your growing business or worrying about the influx of new staff.

Trucell’s Sydney & Perth based cloud computing space offers everything from data storage, email, servers, software, and even phones. We offer constant maintenance, secure backup and we take 100% responsibility for ensuring uptime and reliability.

We provide a Complete Cloud Hosted Environment

Catalina No BackIT’S ALL ON US.

Trucell is your one-stop-shop for your entire business ICT. We can deal with your internet providers, software vendors and other providers. With our dedicated three-person team for support, we will take care of your IT infrastructure so you can relax and transfer all the businesses IT responsibilities to us.