IT Audit Enquiry Form

    What can we do in 2 hours?
    Our auditing software will deploy across your network and capture information about:
    – Software Licenses
    – Hardware Configuration and Resources
    – Software Patches, Missing Patch’s
    – Software and Hardware Errors
    – System Performance
    – Network Topology
    – Equipment Warranty Information

    What do we need?
    To get the best out of our audit we require the following:
    – Administrator access to your devices, we require this to install and remove our software.
    – Any existing information about your environment, this might identify equipment that is blocked from our audit tool.

    What do you get?
    A report that summaries our findings generated from our audit tool. The report will help you to identify shortcomings with your IT infrastructure, and potentially highlight any issues that could cause outages. You can use the report to action changes with the management of your IT.

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