Computers and networks have problems. Ever since there have been computers, there have been problems. With Complete IT Support, the problems are now our problems.

The great thing is Complete IT Support is really what it is. We provide our partners with family like care, from proactively monitoring your businesses network for undiscovered problems or simply answering a question about your IT.


  • IT Support from your own small, dedicated team
  • Optional payment terms, monthly payment option
  • Speak with your team instantly on their number
  • Standard support 6 AM – 5 PM with 24×7 Coverage

We will assign a service leader to your business who will quickly build an understanding of your business, meet your people and integrate with your organisation as your virtual IT department. The service leader will provide the rest of the team with all the necessary details to provide service and support.

You’ll have your own IT Team

Your IT support team will be ready and waiting to help you between 6 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday, with after-hours response up until 11 PM. We also keep your business operational on weekends with phone support, remote IT support services all day Saturday & Sunday and provide 24×7 coverage for critical infrastructure issues.

  • 1 Service Leader
  • 2 Support Engineers trained in your businesses specific needs

We provide a dedicate support number that goes directly to your IT support team, and the person who answers knows how to help you. We hope that your staff will know our Support Engineers names as you will always deal with the Engineers who know your systems best.

Support steps

  1. Service request is reviewed
  2. A team member is assigned
  3. The issue is fixed
  4. Team member documents the fix, if required adds the steps to our knowledge base

Clear service level agreements

Your managed IT services team gels with your business processes seamlessly to save you and your staff time. With clear processes for everything we do for your business, rest easy knowing that we are looking after your business. Your Technical Client Manager is actively involved in all your requests, from when a ticket is opened, to reviewing tickets when they are closed. Your dedicated IT support team also becomes the point of contact for software, phone & internet providers, so you don’t have to waste time dealing with them.

Personalised training

Implementing new systems or performing upgrades often results in new processes to complete daily tasks. We can assist you with easy and friendly training to make sure everyone is up to speed and technology.